ACPC Leonard Skowronski Polish Studies Scholarships Awarded 2018

Three, $3,000 each, ACPC Polish Studies Scholarships Awarded

The American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) awards the scholarships in Polish Studies.
The Committee: Ursula Brodowicz, M.S.; Carolyn Meleski, M.S.; Raymond Okonski, Marion Winters, M.A.; Deborah M. Majka, M.S., Chair

[Chwala picture]

.... Krzysztof Chwala - of Mount Prospect Illinois is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Data Science & Anthropology at Yale University in New Haven CT.

Krzysztof is fluent in Polish, he attended the Juliusz Slowacki Saturday Polish School for 12 years where he studied orthography, literature and religion in Polish. He writes that his graduation exam included a presentation on the subject of Polish patriotism outside Poland which he states is very important to him. Following this presentation he was invited to participate in a Chicago Polish radio talk show, was interviewed twice on the subject and asked to audition for a Polish television series. Krzysztof joined his Polish parish choir while in high school and also joined Lajkonik, a Chicago folk song and dance ensemble where he learned about cultural distinctions across different regions in Poland. He writes that he was proud to share Polish culture through performances locally, at dance festivals nationally, and at the Polish embassy in Mexico City.

At Yale University he joined the Yale Polish Student Society and is serving as vice president. His courses at Yale include Advanced Polish II and Polish Communism and Post-Communism in Film. In her letter of recommendation, Professor Krystyna Illakowicz, Senior Lector I Polish in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, writes that Krzysztof is proud of his Polish heritage and traditions, and is a diligent, hardworking and devoted student. She notes that Krzysztof was especially interested in the topic of Polish presence in American history. In addition to fluency in Polish, Krzysztof is proficient in Spanish, is a member of the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, the Data Science Society, Yale Hackathon and a contributing member to the Interfaith Forum at Yale. Krzysztof plans to continue his participation in the Yale Polish Student Society, sharing Polish heritage with the greater Yale community.

(submitted by Ursula Brodowicz)

Rossiter photo picture]

.... John Rossiter - Bachelor of Science in Business, Class of 2019, University of Rochester, Simon School of Business

Polish Studies, University of Rochester: Elementary Polish I & II, Intermediate Polish, Polish Review, Polish in Poland, Lessons in Polish Literature, Post-1989 Polish Culture, Polish Literature Film and culture (Fall 2018), Jagiellonian University, School of Poland Language and Culture.

Upon arriving at Rochester University, John enrolled in Polish language classes and is quite proud of his ability to converse and comprehend. He's most grateful to his Professor, Mrs. Wojciechowska, who really made "Polishness" warm and welcoming! He attends as many films as he can during Rochester's Polish Film Festival. He credits his visiting professor from the Jagiellonian University with whom he explored Post-1989 Polish Culture, for his appreciation of Polish art. In the Summer of 2016, John visited Poland for the first time, why studying at the Jagiellonian University and participated in World Youth Day in Krakow. He was able to navigate, translate and introduce a few of his fellow students to Poland.

John's paper for the Post-1989 Polish Culture course entitled, Polish Reportage in the Post-1989 Context, discusses the importance in contemporary Poland of the rise to prominence of the journalistic genre of literary reportage.

(submitted by Debbie Majka)

[Theobald photo picture]

.... Emily Theobald - is pursuing a Ph.D. in Music-Historical Musicology, College of the Arts Fellow at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Polish Studies, University of Florida, Independent Polish Study, Polish Music since 1945. Foreign language and Area Studies from the Center for European studies at the University of Florida; summer Language Institute at the University of Pittsburgh; Krakow, Prolog Language School.

Emily's mission as a musicologist is to create and disseminate new knowledge on the music of Poland - much of which has not been widely studied - and to foster an appreciation for this body of work within the larger socio-cultural spheres. She is especially interested in the music of Krzysztof Penderecki. Writing about Polish music in a way that is both rigorous for musicologists and accessible for a non-specialist audience ensures that the largest number of people possible begin to understand and appreciate the contributions of Polish composers. Further, she states, my work makes connections between music and its cultural and historical contexts in Poland, encouraging people to think more critically about the role music plays in the construction of a Polish cultural identity.

(submitted by Debbie Majka)