Wladyslaw Zacharasiewicz


The Eye of the Eagle

Wladyslaw Zachariasiewicz Memorial Journalism Scholarship for 2022
Administered by the American Council for Polish Culture

Application Deadline - June 30, 2022

A $5,000 award toward college or graduate school tuition and school-related expenses other than room and board for students with a clearly demonstrated, defined interest in a career in enterprise journalism in the public interest.

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Application criteria and requirements are given below.

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Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen, or a permanent resident of the U.S., admitted for at a fully accredited university in the United States or Poland. Special consideration will be given to students of Polish-American heritage and those of non-Polish heritage who have a clear and thorough understanding of Polish culture and values. Awards are based solely on professional and academic merit with an appreciation for issues that affect Polish-Americans.

Entrants will submit all writing and any video or multimedia materials either a non-returnable duplicate flash drive, DVD or email using a secure file transfer service (such as ) wetransfer.com

There is no fee required to apply.

Applicants submitting completed applications will be given a one year membership in ACPC.

Required materials

1). Transcripts supporting the last four years of academic achievement, official documents preferred but unofficial documents will be accepted

2). Three concise writing samples that illustrate the student's understanding of the principles of journalism and command of the English language.
Videos or photos may supplement but not substitute for writing samples.

3). Two letters of recommendation, at least one journalism related

4). A video or personal essay (maximum 500 words) on what is means to be a Polish American in the United States.

Please provide concise written responses to the following questions.

1). What do you see as the current primary strengths and weaknesses of journalism in the United States and globally?

2). What do you see as the the biggest issues currently facing either Poland or the Polish American community?

3). Describe in detail any ancestral family and professional connections you have to Poland (maximum 250 words).

Email questions to Mark Dillon: mglendillon@aol.com