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An Affiliate of the national American Council for Polish Culture, the Polish Heritage Society of Philadelphia is dedicated to fostering an interest in Polish Heritage and culture, as well as spreading an awareness of the accomplishments of Poles and Polish-Americans throughout the world, most especially in the Unites States. PHSP activities include the awarding of scholarships, book and author promotions, the annual Chopin Concert, the annual Adam Styka Art Exhibit, and the annual grand Polonaise Ball.

Polish Heritage Society of Philadelphia
Officers and Executive Board 2020-2022

Marie Hejnosz - President
645 Renz Street ; Philadelphia, PA 19128-1420
tel: (215) 487-0221 Spacer e-mail: hejnoszm@gmail.com

Jean Joka - Vice President
Debbie M. Majka - Treasurer
Barbara Nowicki - Recording Secretary
Teresa N. Wojcik - Corresponding Secretary

Elizabeth (Liz) Whitman - Membership Secretary

Teresa G. Wojcik, Ph.D. - Chair, Scholarship Committee
see the PHSP scholarship information page

Peter J. Obst - Website Manager
e-mail: peterpjo@aol.com

Diana Blichasz
Richard Janaszek
Irene Musman
Dolores Szymanski, Ph.D.
Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm, Ph.D.
Tiffany Loomis
John Wisniewski
Margaret Zaleska

To apply for membership contact:
Elizabeth (Liz) Whitman
1003 Hartel Avenue ; Philadelphia, PA 19111
tel: 215-725-0693 Spacer e-mail: lizwhitman@verizon.net

Membership Categories: Student $10; Individual $20; Family $30