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Bridging Urban America
The Story of Ralph Modjeski, Master Bridge Engineer
A documentary film by Basia and Leonard Myszynski

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... Philadelphia Premiere - July 10, 2016 - at Drexel University, Mandell Theatre


At the post-screening reception (l. to. r.): Janusz Romanski, Marie Hejnosz, Basia Myszynski (filmmaker),
Peter Obst, Debbie Majka, Jean Joka (PHSP president) and Eleanor Kirbyson

[Modjeski Poster picture] ... BRIDGING URBAN AMERICA celebrates the life of one of America's greatest bridge designers and some of the 20th century's most significant bridges and how they transformed America: San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, Huey P. Long in New Orleans, and Quebec Bridge in Canada, among others. The film takes a deeper look at the scientific mind of a virtuoso pianist and artistic soul of a Polish-born Paris-trained immigrant who contributed to the building of a modern America.

A cinematic journey through America with magnificent aerial photography, bridge stories and riveting interviews by renowned historians, engineering specialists, architects, and cultural figures, including award-winning author + educator HENRY PETROSKI of Duke University, PIOTR MONCARZ of Stanford University, Engineer-Pianist ELAINE CHEW of Queen Mary University of London and photographer DAVID PLOWDEN


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