Jamestown Research Grant


Objective: The purpose of this project is
(1) to establish through independent research the nature of the work the Polonians of the Jamestown Colony performed,
(2) to document their work stoppage using original materials and documents not before cited, and
(3) to write an appropriate academically well-documented paper as a result of the research.

Method: The recipient of the grant will be expected to research original documents and materials relevant to the Jamestown Colony and its history, the men and women who were part of the Jamestown Colony, and the men who financed and managed it, to determine if any of their documents or materials (diaries, business records, letters, Virginia Company of London documents, or Virginia colonial government papers) refer to the Jamestown Polonians and explain the Polonians' role in Jamestown. It is widely accepted that there were Polonians in Jamestown but details of their work-role in the colony and details about their work stoppage are limited. This research project is focused on building a more robust body of original research to clarify both issues.

Stipend: $5000 plus a limited travel allowance subject to approval in advance.

Who is Eligible: Any US or UK college or above history student or researcher with credentials that demonstrate an ability to locate original materials, research them and develop information from them. This may be demonstrated by submitting previously prepared or published research papers, or letters of reference from three professors who have had an opportunity to review the applicant's work.

Application: Any person interested in this project should submit, by email, a resume, three letters of reference which can be corroborated, school transcripts demonstrating formal education at or above the college level in the field of history, particularly Colonial American history, and a writing sample to apucinskijamestown@gmail.com . Persons applying should be prepared for an interview in person (in Chicago, IL), by phone, or by skype.

Questions may be directed to: Aurelia Pucinski apucinskijamestown@gmail.com

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2017

Deadline for the project: June 30, 2018

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