Business Addresses:
52 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY
205 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois
17th and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Keystone Building, Harrisburg, PA
Legal Residence: Union League Club, Chicago, Illinois.
Place and Date of Birth - Cracow, Austrian Poland, January 27, 1861 [Bohnia, Galicja]
Naturalized American Citizen in 1883)
Father - Gustav Sinnmayer Modrzejewski
Mother (maiden name) Helena Opid - changed from Modrzejewski upon becoming a citizen of the U.S.

Attended Grammar and High Schools in Cracow up to summer 1876 at which time came to America with Mother.
1877/1878 - attended night school in San Francisco, Calif
1878/1881 - in Paris, France, preparing for college.
1881/1885 - attended Government College "L'Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees" Paris, France
1885 - was graduated with degree of "Civil Engineer" at head of class,

Married - To Felicie Benda, December 28, 1885
Names of Children - Felix Bozenta, Marylka Stuart, Charles Emmanuel John (served U.S. Army 1914/18)
Married - To Virginia Mary Giblyn, July 7, 1931

CHRONOLOGICAL RECORD OF W0RK with connections and positions held:

1885 - After graduation came to America in early summer
- First engagement, summer 1885 with Geo. W. Morison, C.E. as Assistant Engineer, Union Pacific Bridge, Omaha, Nebraska.
- Remained with Geo. W. Morison, C.E. from 1885 to 1892 in various capacities, as follows:
1885/1887 - Assistant Engineer, Union Pacific Bridge, Omaha, Nebraska
1887/1889 - Inspector in shops for bridge work, Athena, PA.
1889/1891 - Chief Draftsman in office (during this time in charge of design of Mississippi River Bridge, Memphis, Tenn.)
1891/1892 - Chief Inspector at shops for Memphis Bridge superstructure
1892 - Assistant Engineer of Construction, Memphis Bridge.
1895 - Early in year, opened office in Chicago as Civil Engineer, in independent practice.

1894-1895 - Engaged by Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company To Design a Double Track Railway and Highway Bridge over Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois.

1894-1896 - Chief Engineer of Construction of the above Bridge for the Ordnance Department United States Army Cost about - $ 500,000.00

1898-1900 - Prepared "Standard Designs for Steel Bridges" [Engineering Mannual], (Spans 10 ft. to 250 ft. in length), for the Northern Pacific Railway Company

1903 - Design and Construction of Fireproof Warehouse for Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois, for the United States Government.
Chief Engineer.

1902-1905 - Thebes Bridge, over Mississippi River, Thebes, Illinois. For the Southern Illinois and Missouri Bridge Company, New Double Track Railway Bridge
Cost $ 5,500,000.00 Chief Engineer (Built under firm name of Noble and Modjeski).

1905 - Bismarck Bridge, over Missouri River, Bismarck, North Dakota, For the Northern Pacific Railway Company, Reconstruction of Single Track Railway Bridge. Chief Engineer.

1906 - Peoria Bridge, over Illinois River, Peoria, Illinois. For the Central Illinois Construction Company, (Illinois Traction System). New Single Track Electric Railway Bridge. Chief Engineer.

1905-1908 - Columbia River Bridge Willamette River Bridge (both in Portland, Oregon). Commonly called the Vancouver-Portland Bridges, between Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. For the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Company, New Double Track Railway Bridges
Cost $ 4,000,000.00 Chief Engineer.

1907-1910 - McKinley Bridge, over Mississippi River, St.Louis, Missouri, For the St. Louis Electric Bridge Company, (Illinois Traction System), New Double Track Railway and Highway Bridge Chief Engineer Cost $ 1,500,000.00

1910-1911 - Celilo Bridge, over Columbia River, Celilo, Oregon, For the Oregon Trunk Railway Company, New Single Track Railway Bridge Cost $ 1,000,000.00
Chief Engineer.

Also during this period all bridges for the Oregon Trunk Railway Company, between Celilo and Bend, Oregon, including a 540 ft. Arch over Crooked River

1910-1912 - Broadway Bridge, over Willamette River, Portland, Oregon, for the City of Portland, Oregon. New Double Track Electric Railway Bridge, including a Bascule span, with roadways and sidewalks
Cost $ 1,000,000.00 Chief Engineer.

1912 - Cherry Street Bridge, over Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio for the City of Toledo, Ohio a New Concrete Arch Structure for Highway Traffic. (Plans previously prepared by other parties and redesigned by Chief Engineer) Chief Engineer
Cost $ 1,500,000.00

1914-1916 - Harahan Bridge, over Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee. for the Arkansas and Memphis Railway Bridge and Terminal Company. New Double Track Railway Bridge with Wagon Roadways, Chief Engineer
Cost $5,500,000.00

1914-1916 - Keokuk Bridge over Mississippi River, Keokuk, Iowa. for the Keokuk and Hamilton Bridge Company, Double deck single track railway and highway bridge Reconstruction Chief Engineer

1917 - Metropolis Bridge, over High River, Metropolis, Illinois, for the Paducan and Illinois Railroad Company (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company) New Double Track Railway Bridge
Cost $ 5,500,000.00
Consulting Engineer in preparation of designs in conjunction with the late C. H. Cartlidge; after his death Chief Engineer of Construction.

1917 - Thames River Bridge, over Thames River, New London, Connecticut, for the New York, New Haven 5: Hartford Railroad Company New Double Track Railway Bridge, Chief Engineer
Cost $ 2,000,000.00

1917 - Poughkeepsie Bridge over Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, New York for the Central New England Railway Company, (New York, New Haven, & Hartford Railway Co.) Single Track Railway Structure - extensively reinforced Chief Engineer in charge of reinforcement.

1908-1918 - Quebec Bridge, over St. Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada. for the Dominion Government of Canada, New Double Track Railway Bridge
Cost $17,000,000.00
Member (since formation in 1908) of Board of Engineers appointed by the Dominion Government of Canada, as representing the engineers of the United States, for reconstruction of Quebec Bridge, (longest truss span in the world.) (Served until completion)

1920-1922 - Cincinnati Bridge, over Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio for the (Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railroad Co.) the Cincinnati Southern Railway Company. Double Track Railway Bridge with sidewalks (Old bridge rebuilt under traffic without false-work) Chief Engineer
Cost $ 5,500,000.00

1922 - Tanana River Bridge, over Tanana River, Nenana, Alaska, For the United States Government Single Track Railway Bridge Engineer of Design and Consulting Engineer on construction.

1922-1924 - Omaha Bridge, over Missouri River, Omaha, Nebraska, For the Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway & Bridge Company Double Track Electric Railway and Highway Bridge, with sidewalks - rebuilt under traffic Chief Engineer

1923-1925 - Clark's Ferry Bridge, over the Susquehanna River, near Harrisburg, PA. For the Dark's Ferry Bridge Company Concrete Arch Highway Bridge
Cost $ 700,000.00

Consulting Engineer (F.M. Masters, Chief Engineer) 1923-1928 - Market Street Bridge, over Susquehanna River, Harrisburg,Pa. For the Harrisburg Bridge Company Stone-faced Arch. Highway Bridge
Cost $ 1,500,000.00 (In partnership with F.M. Masters)

1925 - Columbia River Bridge, over Columbia River, Wenatchee, Washington, For the Great Northern Railway Company Single Track Railway Bridge - Reinforcing cantilever span Consulting Engineer.

1921-1929 - Delaware River Bridge, over Delaware River, between Philadelphia, Pa. and Camden, N.J. for the Commonwealth of N.J. and the City of Philadelphia
New Highway Suspension Bridge with Rapid Transit and footwalks
Cost $ 57,000,000.00 Chief Engineer and Chairman Board of Engineers

1927-1929 - Tacony-Palmyra Bridge over Delaware River, between Tacony (Philadelphia), PA, and Palmyra, NJ For Tacony-Palmyra Bridge Company, Highway Bridge Chief Engineer,. (Partnership with Modjeski; Masters and Chase.)
Cost $ 5,000,000.00

1927-1929 - Ambassador Bridge, over Detroit River, Between Detroit, Michigan and Sandwich, Ontario, Canada, For Detroit International Bridge Company, Highway Bridge
Consulting Engineer for Owners (In Partnership with C.E. Chase)
Cost $ 12,000,000.00

1927-1929 - Atchafalaya Bridge, over Atchafaya River, Melville, LA For Texas and pacific Railway Company Single. Track Railway Bridge
Cost $ 2,000,000.00 Chief Engineer.

1928-1929 - Louisville Bridge, over Ohio River, between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana For the Louisville Bridge Commission Highway Bridge - cantilever type Cost $ 5,000.000.00
(In partnership with F.M. Masters)

1925-1930 - Mid-Hudson Bridge, over Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, New York For the State of New York Vehicular and Foot Bridge, suspension type
Cost $ 6,000,000.00
(In partnership with D.E. Moran)

1927-1932 - Henry Avenue Bridge Over Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia, PA For Department of Public Works, City of Philadelphia, PA Stone and Concrete Arch Highway Bridge (In partnership with C.E. Chase)

1927-1931 - Henry Avenue Bridge over Reading Tracks, Philadelphia, Pa. For Department of Public Works, City of Philadelphia, Pa. Highway Bridge (In partnership with C. E. Chase)

1928-1931 - Evansville Bridge over Ohio River at Evansville, Ind. For Indiana State Highway Commission Cantilever Highway Bridge
Cost $ 2,000,000.00 (In partnership with F.M. Masters)

1928-1931 - Maysville Bridge over Ohio River at Maysville, KY For Kentucky State Highway Commission Highway Suspension Bridge
Cost $ 1,500,000.00 (In partnership with F.M. Masters)

1928-1931 - Kentucky State Highway Bridges at Smithland over Cumberland River Cost $ 500,000.00
Paducah over Tennessee River
Cost $ 850,000.00 (In partnership with F.M. Masters)

1929 - St. Charles Bridge over Wabash River For Wabash Railway Company Cantilever Bridge Consulting Engineer

1931 - San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (Trans Bay) For the State of California Highway Bridge
Estimated Cost $ 72,000,000.00 Chairman, Board of Consulting Engineers.


1909 - Engaged by the City of New York as Consulting Engineer to report on Design and Construction, also to supervise part of the construction of the Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY, Cost - $ 20,000,000.00

1916 - Appointed by Public Service Corporation of : New Jersey as member of the Commission of three, to report on feasibility of Vehicular Tunnel under Hudson River, including preliminary plans and estimates

1925 - Engaged by the Western Electric Company to check plans etc. for industrial buildings of their various plants

1930 - Engaged by the City of New York Department of Plants and Structures to report on proposed contract plans and specifications of the Tri-Borough Bridge over the East River, New York, NY.

Has also acted as Consulting Engineer for various railways and corporation on different important structures.


1926 - New Orleans Bridge, over Mississippi River, New Orleans, LA State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans Through Public Belt Railroad Commission of New Orleans Double Track Railway and Highway Bridge
Estimated Cost $ 14,500,000.00

1929 - Portland-Tualatin Tunnel, Portland, Oregon For Eastern and Western Utilities Corporation Estimated Cost $ 5,000,000.00

1930-1931 - Klingle Valley Bridge (Connecticut Ave,) Washington, D.C., For the Commissioners - District of Columbia, Steel Arch Cost $ 500,000.00

1931 - Calvert Street Bridge, Washington, D.C. For the Commissioners - District of Columbia Steel Arch
Cost $ 1,250,000.00

1931 - Baton Rouge Bridge over Mississippi River at Baton Rouge, LA
For Missouri Pacific Railroad and LA State Highway Railway and Highway Cantilever Bridge

1931 - Engaged by Kentucky State Highway Commission for preliminary design, estimate and traffic surveys Owensboro Bridge over Ohio River at Owensboro, KY. Cairo Bridge over Ohio River at Cairo, IL

1933 - Davenport Bridge over Mississippi River For the cities of Davenport and Moline Suspension Highway Bridge
Cost $ 1,752,000.00

Professional Associations, Learned, and Technical Societies, Fraternities, Decorations, etc.

American Association for the Advancement of Science - Fellow
American Geographical Society - Fellow
American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia Chapter) Architectural Exhibition - 1927
Chapter Medal to Designers of Delaware River Bridge - 1927
American Institute Consulting Engineers - Member and Past Member of Council
American Philosophical Society - Member
American Railway Engineering Association - Charter Member
American Society Civil Engineers - Member and Past Director
American Society of French Legion of Honor - Member
American Society for Steel Treating - Member
American Society for Testing Materials - Member
Art Institute of Chicago - Life Member
Association of Engineers, Former Students of L'Ecole des Ponts at Chaussees of France - Member
British Institution Civil Engineers - Member
Chi Epsilon Fraternity (Illinois Chapter)- Honorary Member
Engineering Institute of Canada,- Member
Engineers Club of Philadelphia - Honorary Member
The Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania - Honorary Member

Recipient of:

The Howard N. Potts Gold Medal - 1914
The Franklin Medal - 1922
The John Pritz Medal - 1930

Honorary Degree of "Doctor of Engineering"
University of Illinois - 1911
Pennsylvania Military College [Wiedner College]- 1927
Polytechnic Institute of Lwow, Poland - 1931

Knight of the Legion of Honor, Republic of France - 1926
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City - Member
National Academy of Sciences - Member
New York State Society of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors - Director
Polish Institute of Arts & Letters - Member
Princeton Engineering Association - Bracket Member
John Scott Medal of Philadelphia - 1924
Tau Beta Pi - Honorary Member
Washington Award - 1931
Western Society of Engineers - Past President and Honorary Member
Grand Prize and Diploma awarded by Polish Government at Exposition of Industry and Science at Posen, Poland - 1929

CLUBS The Century Association, New York - Member
The Chicago Engineers' Club - Past President
Engineers' Club of New York - Member
Engineers' and Architects' Club, Louisville, Ky - Honorary Member
Union League Club of Chicago - Member


REPORT on Reconstruction of Rock Island Bridge over Mississippi River, Western Society of Engineers - 1897

PAPER, Erection of the Draw Span of the Mew Rock Island Bridge, Western Society of Engineers - 1897

PAPER, Northern Pacific Railroad Standard Bridge Plans, Western Society of Engineers - 1901

A REPORT, to the Mayor and City Council, with Plans and Estimates, for the Proposed Bridge across the Willamette River at Portland, Oregon - 1908

PAPER, The Celilo Bridge over the Columbia River, Western Society of Engineers - 1912

To the Joint Pacific-Highway, Columbia Bridge Committee of Portland and Vancouver Commercial Clubs,
A REPORT for the Proposed Bridge across the Columbia River between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington - 1912

SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT to the foregoing - 1913

PAPER, Design of Large Bridges with Special Reference to the Quebec Bridge, Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania - 1913
(Howard N. Potts Gold Medal)

PAPER, The Harahan Bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee, Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania - 1917

PAPER, The Metropolis Bridge over the Ohio River at Metropolis, Illinois, Western Society of Engineers - 1918

The Delaware River Bridge, Journal of Western Society of Engineers - 1923

Special Problems in Bridge Design and Construction, (Aldred Lecture, Mass. Inst. of Technology) - 1924

Unusual Problems in the Design and Construction of Large Bridges, Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania - 1925 (Centenary Lecture)

PAPER, High Level Fixed Bridges over Navigable Waters, The American Association of Port Authorities - 1926

PAPER, Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete in Engineering American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. - 1927

PAPER, Suspension Bridges with Special Reference to the Philadelphia-Camden Bridge, U.S.A. (World Engineering Congress, Japan) - 1929