ACPC Board Meeting - Savannah, GA
and dedication of historical tablets

October 7-9, 2022

The ACPC Board meeting took place on Saturday October 8, from 9 am to 4pm.

On the evening of October 8, 2022, nearly 100 persons gathered at The Club at Savannah Quarters in Pooler, GA for a banquet organized by the Savannah General Pulaski Committee of the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC). The event was organized by Glen Ball, Anthony Hejka, Camille and Edward Krolikowski, head of the committee, who was also master of ceremonies in his Colonial Dragoon's Uniform. All the guests enjoyed a tasty meal and after dinner socializing.

First among the guests were Cecilia and Raymond Glembocki, president of the ACPC.

Among the other distinguished guests were Krzysztof Szczerski Poland's Ambassador to the UN, Katarzyna Rybka-Iwanska Director of Public Diplomacy and Culture at the Polish Embassy in Washington, Leszek Sieluk from the Polish National Foundation in Warsaw, and former Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, president of the Victims of Communism Museum. Also present, from Philadelphia, was Honorary RP Consul for Southeastern Pennsylvania, Deborah M. "Debbie" Majka. One of the larger groups represented were members of the Gazeta Polska Clubs including Aneta and Tadeusz Antoniak, chief Commander of the Polish Veterans Association; and Tomasz Sakiewicz editor in chief of Gazeta Polska. Also representing their respective societies were Jadwiga Bankowski and Commander Stanislaw Bankowski from the Pulaski Cadets of Perth Amboy, NJ; Maciej Smusz President of the Atlanta GA Polish Club; and Charles Sieracki, past-president of Charleston, SC, Polish-American Club. From Ft. Lauderdale in Florida came Monica and Jack Pinkowski, president of the Poles in America Foundation, which for many years has supported the observance on the battlefield in Savannah.

Early on the next morning people assembled at the Savannah History Museum parking lot and marched over to the battlefield, now known as Tricenntenial Park, to the sound of a drumbeat. Aaron Bradford, a member of the Coastal Heritage Society, in a colonial soldier's uniform, did a fine job of explaining the action that the troops took as they neared the battlefield.

The ceremonies on the field were organized by the Coastal Heritage Society and Emily Beck was the coordinator. She introduced a number of guests who spoke about the individuals memorialized on the tablets dedicated that day. Among them were the leaders of the already mentioned societies and Hungarian Ambassador Szabolcs Takacs who was not able to join the previous night's banquet. He eloquently described the career of Colonel Mihaly Kovacs and the long standing friendship between Poland and Hungary. This tablet was funded by the Pulaski Cadets, as Col. Kovacs was a friend of Casimir Pulaski and fought alongside him in Poland and America.

The tablets dedicated that morning were for:

Seaman Jozef Gabriel
c. 1744 - August 14, 1829

Born in Poland, came to the American colonies and served in the U.S. Navy. Fought at Savannah during the American War for Independence as well as afterwards on the U.S.S. Vixen and U.S.S. Congress. Served in the War of 1812 and was wounded at fighting at Baltimore. Died in a New York City almshouse.

"Gazeta Polska" Clubs in America - Kluby Gazety Polskiej

Agrippa Hull
1759 - 1848

A free black volunteer assigned to military engineer Gen. Thaddeus Kosciuszko as an orderly. Became his comrade in arms, guide and friend. Caused Kosciuszko to later champion abolition. After the war, settled in Stockbridge, CT, where he married a formerly enslaved woman Jane Darby. Became a prominent citizen and landowner.

Philadelphia Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation

Colonel Mihaly Kovacs
c. 1724 - May 11, 1779

A Hungarian Nobleman, served as cavalry officer in Hungary and Bar Confederation in Poland. Came to America in 1778, Commissioned Colonel of Cavalry in Pulaski Legion. Trained American Cavalry, Fought at Osborne Island, Little Egg Harbor, NJ, and Charleston SC, where he fell in battle.

The Pulaski Cadets, Perth Amboy, NJ

Lt. Karol Litomski

An officer who fought in the Bar Confederation, Poland, and the American War for Independence. Gen. Pulaski’s aide-de-camp, who helped carry the wounded Pulaski from the Savannah battlefield onto the WASP and later witnessed his burial on land. Returning to Poland, he fought in the Napoleonic wars, and eventually settled in Brazil.

American Council for Polish Culture; Savannah Gen. Pulaski Committee

Capt. Comm. Jan K. Mieszkowski
Mar. 30, 1744 - Feb. 27, 1819

Born in Karczew to a noble Polish family, he joined a French legion organized by the Duke de Lauzun. In America, promoted to Captain Commander of the Second Squadron of Hussars in Lauzun's Legion. Fought with great distinction at Yorktown against notorious Gen. Banastre Tarleton. Returned to France, survived French Revolution, died at Vassy.

Polish National Foundation, Warsaw, Poland

The re-enactors demonstrated their marching drill. After quick loading of muskets fired a ceremonial salute.

After the ceremonies everyone enjoyed an excellent breakfast sponsored by the Polish National Foundation.


1. American Council for Polish Culture members with the re-enactors


2. The Honor Guard


3. Hungarian Ambassador Szabolcs Takacs; Emily Beck on far right


4. Leszek Sieluk from the Polish National Foundation of Warsaw


5. Audience


6. Pulaski Cadets honor guard,
the Cadets funded the Col. Mihaly Kovacs tablet as a gesture of Polish-Hungarian friendship


7. Firing


8. Edward Krolikowski on his horse


9. Tablet


10. Tablet


11. Tablet


12. Wreaths


13. (l. to r.) Peter Obst and RP Embassy Representative Katarzyna Rybka-Iwanska