National Conference for the Social Studies 2018

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1. Event Poster

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2. The team - (l. to r.) Cecilia Glembocki, Jaroslaw Golembiowski, Debbie Majka, Conrad Miczko

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3. Various posters on display at the booth

American Council for Polish Culture - Polish Perspectives Exhibit

November 30 - December 2, 2018, Chicago, Illinois
Hyatt Regency Crystal Ballroom East Tower
Final Report Submitted by: Cecilia and Raymond Glembocki

The American Council for Polish Culture sponsored an exhibit booth called Polish Perspectives in the International Alley of the convention for the National Council for Social Studies. This was their 98th year of NCSS hosting a convention, and the 18th year for ACPC's participation.

There were 260 exhibitors and 4,271 educators in attendance at this conference. This was the highest attendance since Boston of 4,300 attendees. There were 260 exhibitors and 29 were in the International Alley area.

This year's conference was attended by Cecilia and Raymond Glembocki. This has been their participation for the past 8 years. Debbie Majka, Honorary Counsul of the Republic of Poland from Philadelphia was there as was Dr. Jaroslaw Golemblowski from the Chopin Society of Chicago. He also had two visiting colleagues from the Society. The local affiliate was pleased to have seen first hand the types of promotions that are done on behalf on Polonia by ACPC.

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4. (l. to r.) Raymond Glembocki Exhibit chairperson with the Washington DC Holocaust exhibitors

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5. (l. to r.) Jaroslaw Golembiowski and Ian Powers, Falcon Cove Middle School Weston, Florida

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6. (l. to r.) Ryan Close from Woodland High School Woodland, Washington with Debbie Majka, Hon. Counsel of the Republic of Poland

Hundreds of educators were presented CD's about Notable Poles, The Jamestown Project, the Lesson Plans and posters, bookmarks with added lessons plans about Pope John Paul II. Many additional requests were noted as to send out more information about Poland and updates for educational purposes.

Aquila Polonia graciously supplied hard cover books about World War II free of charge as did the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC. The following is a listing of the books that Aquila Polonia graciously donated: Two copies of each of the following books:

303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron
The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery
The Color of Courage - Boy at War; The World War II Diary of Julian Kulski
Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded
The Icy Road: An Epic Journey from Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom
Maps and Shadows (paperback)
The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt: War though a Woman's Eyes 1939-1940
Siege DVD

Four hard cover copies of Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement in the Concentration Camps, which was just released last month.

The Polish Catholic Union in Chicago had many newly developed leaflets about Christmas Eve and the coloring books for young children. The Friends of the John Paul II Foundation of Washington, DC supplied CD's and DVD's about the Pope who celebrated 40th year of his papacy.

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7. display of books, posters and bookmarks on various topics from St. John Paul to Irena Sendler, to Paderewski, Kosiuszko and more

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8. (l. to r.) Jaroslaw Golembiowski, Kristine Peterson, Fairfax County Public School, Herndon Virginia with Cecilia Glembocki

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9. (l. to r.) Cecilia Glembocki, Mary Ann Anselmo, Polish American Congress, VP for Financial Development, Debbie Majka

We commemorated the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining Independence. Leaflets were distributed, and more were needed to meet the demand. Visitor lists were compiled to send them information later in the month.

The cost for the booth was $1,400 which was paid in advance so that a space could be reserved in a corner location for the next convention.

The cost of CD's that was allowed through the Grant request was $300 although the actual cost through The Video Editor was significantly more $513.

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10. (l. to r.) Lisa Hitchcock-Marjory Stoneman High School parkland Florida with Debbie Majka

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11. (l. to r.) Mary Ann Anselmo, Polish American Congress, VP for Financial Development with Ray Glembocki

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12. (l. to r.) Jason Hrehko Aux Sable Middle School Joliet, IL with Jaroslaw Golembiowski

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13. (l. to r.) Jaroslaw Golembiowski with Jordyn Rae School District of Bloomer, Bloomer, WI

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14. Leaflets for teachers to share with their students

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15. (l. to r.) Debbie Majka with Marzena Mistarz of Rederal Bank of Chicago

The photos are included to show the enthusiasm extended by our educators. It was a successful convention as hundred of posters, book marks were distributed. The Jamestown project was the most successful new information that was shared. Teachers were informed of the Right to Vote acquired by the Polish Craftsmen and the first apprentice program was started by the Poles as well. Efforts are being made in the Commonwealth of Virginia to submit a request to change the Standards of Learning in the state to include the significance that the Polish Craftsman made in the Colony of Jamestown in 1619. A great deal of effort is being placed on this fact and opportunities are available to work cooperatively with the state and change those facts.

The actual celebration called an American Evolution will take place in Colonial Williamsburg during the week July 21, 2019 along with many other programs that will be presented for educators and the general Public. Many joint ventures are being planned for educators and the Polish Perspectives exhibit will be one of those activities. A request will be made of the Governor of Virginia to present a Proclamation about the First Strike in the Colony of Jamestown as well as the First Apprentice Program in America.

Additional costs of candies, leaflets, posters and rental of tables were funded by ACPC. Hotel and travel expenses were also paid by ACPC.

The next conference will be in Austin, Texas in 2019. The booth space has been secured and the cost of the booth will be $1,350 which will be paid for in advance for 2019.

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16. (l. to r.) Mary Ann Anselmo with Cecilia Glembocki and Barbara O'Donnell of Maryville, IL

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17. Pope John Paul II coloring book for elementary aged children

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18. (l. to r.) Andrzej Marek Urbaniak, Raymond Glembocki and Joseph Stoltman Western Michigan University

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The next conference will be in Austin, Texas in 2019.

You are most welcome to join us and tell your story, share your Polish Culture.

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