ACPC Annual Convention 2020

--- cancelled because of coronavirus pandemic ---

Ladies and gentlemen;

On March 16, 2020 the mayor of Washington, DC Muriel Bowser, issued an order prohibiting any meeting of 50 or more persons in the District of Columbia.

The ACPC convention was tentatively scheduled to take place in the District and usually has over 50 persons in attendance.

Based on the District prohibition and the nationwide recommendation that persons avoid groups of people and in particular persons over 60 years of age, I requested the ACPC Executive Board to cancel this year's convention.

A majority of the Executive Board agreed to cancel the Convention.

This mail authorizes Celia Larkin, the ACPC Convention Chairperson, and Tom Payne, member of the ACPC meeting committee, to terminate any agreements relating to the Convention and to report to the Board the results of such activity.

Also, they should recommend when and where the next Convention should be scheduled.

Best Regards,

Ray Glembocki