100th Anniversary of Poland-US Diplomatic Relations

Philadelphia Delegation at the
ceremonies at the State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA - June 17, 2019

HARRISBURG, June 17 - The House today unanimously adopted a resolution commemorating 100 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Poland, state Rep. Bob Merski, D-Erie, announced today.

Merski said he introduced H.R. 353 to honor both the strong relations between the countries and the rich Polish-American heritage shared by so many Pennsylvanians.

"I'm thrilled that the House unanimously adopted my resolution commemorating a century of strong diplomatic relations between the United States and Poland," Merski said. "Polish Americans - including more than 800,000 Poles and Americans of Polish ancestry who call Pennsylvania home - treasure the bond our countries share and the ways in which the United States and Poland have stood shoulder-to-shoulder through the decades as staunch supporters of democracy.

"We are also deeply proud of the ways in which Polish-American customs and traditions have enriched life in Pennsylvania and of the many influences Polish Americans have had on science, the arts and industry in Pennsylvania."

Guests present for the vote on the resolution included Kamil Henne, Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York; Deborah Majka, Honorary Consul of Southeastern Pennsylvania; Peter Obst, representative of the Poles in America Foundation; and Sylwia Czajkowska, Hanna Wewiora, and Michael Wewiora, secretary, treasurer, and member, respectively, of the Kosciuszko Foundation Philadelphia Chapter.

From: Press Release on H.R. 353 - office of State Rep. Robert Merski

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[Debbie Majka picture]

(l.to r.) State Rep. Anita A. Kulik, Poland Vice-Consul Kamil Henne, Poland Hon. Consul for SE PA Deborah Majka, Sylwia Czajkowska, Hanna and Michael Wiewiora, Peter J. Obst, State Representative Robert Merski author of the resolution commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Polish-US diplomatic relations.

On June 17th State Representative Robert Merski from Erie PA introduced a resolution in the PA House of Representatives chamber commemorating the 100th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States. He mentioned that Pennsylvania has a long history of contacts with Poland as at the time of the American Revolution Casimir Pulaski and Thaddeus Kosciuszko served as officers in Washington's army, supporting the cause of Independence. Later, immigrants worked the coal fields and steel mills in the Commonwealth.

Descendants of Polish immigrants, like Frank Piasecki - inventor of the tandem helicopter - started whole new industries in the state. Frank Gabreski was the top American Ace in the European theater of operations during WWII. Hilary Koprowski pioneered in medical research. Poland is a nation that carries on substantial trade with Pennsylvania.

Among the guests present to witness the reading of the resolution were: Poland's Vice-Consul in New York City Kamil Henne, Honorary Consul for SE PA Deborah "Debbie" Majka, Peter J. Obst of the Poles in America Foundation, Hanna and Michael Wewiora, and Sylwia Czajkowska.

[Rep. Merski picture]

Representative Robert Merski at his office.
His home town of Erie is a Sister City to Lublin, Poland.

[Rep. Merski picture]

At State Representative Robert Merski's office: (l to r.) Sylwia Czajkowska, Hanna Wiewiora, Poland Hon. Consul for SE PA Deborah Majka,
State Representative Robert Merski, Poland Vice-Consul Kamil Henne, Michael Wiewiora

[Rep. Merski picture]

(l. to r.) Vice-Consul Kamil Henne, Representative Robert Merski, and Hon. Consul Debbie Majka in the Legislative Chamber.

[Rep. Merski picture]

Commonwealth of PA Legislative Assembly Chamber

[Rep. Merski picture]

Commonwealth of PA Legislative Assembly Chamber from above.

[Rep. Merski picture]

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Senate Chamber

[Rep. Merski picture]

The delegation visits the PA Governor's Office.

[Rep. Merski picture]

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chamber.

[Rep. Merski picture]

Pulaski's bust at the head of a column.