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[spacer] We are a national organization uniting like-minded groups and individuals in cities across
the United States in promoting Polish culture, heritage and history, and intercultural understanding. Feel free to explore the web site by clicking on titles and pictures.

- Constitution and Bylaws
- History and Mission
- See a film about the ACPC
- Organizational Structure (executive committee, affiliates & supporting organizations)
- Activities (descriptions of national level initiatives, competitions, events, and projects)
- Membership (information & application) -- Membership Booklet -- inside outside
- Contributions (supporting the organization's mission)
- President's Letter
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- Facebook Calendar - list your event
- Jamestown Strike - Research Grant
- Pride of Polonia Award - received by Mary Flanagan
- Janet Ann Hedin - Obituary
- Halina Sophie Ujda - Obituary
- Wallace Wally West - Obituary
- T. Ron Jasinski Herbert - Obituary
- Gen. Haller's WWI Blue Army Stamp - information
- Pulaski Birthday Commemoration - Savannah, March 5, 2016 - General Information
- Spring Board Meeting - Washington, March 11-12, 2016 - General Information
- Convention 2016 - Pittsburgh, PA - August 10-14, 2016
- Autumn Board Meeting - Hartford October 21-22, 2016 - General Information
- Autumn Board Meeting, Detroit 2015 - Photographs
- NCSS Conference 2015 - Report and Photographs
- Adam Styka Art Exhibit and Sale, 2015 - Photographs
- Pride of Polonia Award - received by Mary Flanagan
- Skalny Scholarships - 2 awardarded for 2015
- ACPC Chicago Convention 2015 Report and Photographs
- Sembrich Concert 2015 Report and Photographs
- Sembrich Competition Winner 2015 Report and Announcement
- Pulaski Scholarship Winners 2015 Report and Photographs
- Spring Board Meeting - Orchard Lake, MI, March 20 - 21, 2015 - Photo Report
- Gen. Casimir Pulaski Birthday Commemoration - Savannah, GA - March 7, 2015
- Archived Reports and Items from before December 31, 2014
- Editor
- Winter 2014 issue
- Summer 2013 issue
- Spring 2013 issue
- Fall-Winter 2012 issue
- Spring-Summer 2012 issue
- Fall-Winter 2011 issue
- Spring-Summer 2011 issue
- Winter 2010 issue
- Summer-Fall 2010 issue
- Literary Competition report for 2015
- Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Vocal Competition for 2016
for professional singers at the outset of their careers.
- Adam Styka Art Exhibit and Sale, Sept. 5,6,7,12,13 - 2015
Opens on Labor Day at the Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA
- ACPC Affiliate Project Grants (rules and requirements regarding grants)
- ACPC Reimbursement Form (for use by officers and committees)
- Promotions Committee (see a short film about ACPC)
- Gen. Casimir Pulaski Documentary Film (available on DVD)
- Touring Poster Exhibit (your group can host a poster show)
- Book Promotions - information about and reviews of interesting books
- Pulaski Museum - Warka, Poland - Cooperative Relationship

ACPC grants the following scholarship awards and competition prizes:

- ACPC Summer Study Scholarship:
For American students of Polish descent to participate in a SUMMER STUDY program at any one of Poland's fine universities that offer such programs.

- Pulaski Scholarship:
$5,000 for graduate students of Polish descent enrolled at an accredited university in the United States, who have completed at least one year of studies at the graduate level.

- Skalny Scholarship for Polish Studies:
For students pursuing some Polish studies (major may be in other fields) at universities in the United States, who have completed at least two years of college or university work at an accredited institution.

Scholarships granted by Affiliated Organizations:

- Polish American Arts Association Scholarship:
For residents of or students in District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia

- Polish Heritage Society of Philadelphia scholarship:
For students accepted to or already enrolled at a college or university, either of Polish descent or pursuing courses in Polish or Slavic language, history or culture.

- Polish Heritage Society of Rochester scholarship:
For graduating seniors of Polish descent residing in Monroe County NY or one of the six surrounding counties.

- Lesson Plan 1 - The Polish Experience at Jamestown
- Lesson Plan 2 - About Pulaski and Kosciuszko in the American Revolution
- Lesson Plan 3 - World War II - Perspectives on Fear
- Lesson Plan 4 - Nine Days that Changed the World - Story of John Paul II
- Lesson Plan 5 - NCSS 2010 - Linking Cultures and Enriching Lives
- Lesson Plan 6 - Historical Investigation - The Legacy of Jan Karski's Life
- Lesson Plan 7 - Julian Kulski's "The Color of Courage" - WWII memoir

- Jamestown Strike - Research Grant
- Search - find items via keywords on this website
- Honorary RP Consul in Philadelphia
- Letter protesting slur of Poles by Ohio State Univ. Pres. Gordon Gee
- Information about Poland - courtesy of SUNY Buffalo
- Links to various organizations (e-mail addresses and links to related sites)
- Easter Egg decoration video (Carla Tomaszewska)
- Polish Paintings at LeMoyne College

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